“College Facilities that can boost a Student’s performance and make their college experience better.”

 While a college must provide a good education, it must also provide the supporting facilities to its Students and Faculty members to help them study better. Students can learn in an environment where they are comfortable and looked after.Nishitha Degree College offered a few supporting facilities to our students and faculty members. When we give them a learning environment, they will learn and grow and become successful alumni.

Supporting Facilities:

  • Scholarships to SC, ST, BC, EBC and Minority Students.
  • Bus Pass Provision for surrounding Students who are travelling from Rural areas.
  • Railway Pass for Long Distance Students.
  • Academic Awards for Excellency Students.
  • Bhoomaiah Sir Award for Top Ranker of the College in each Semester.
  • Special Allowances to Faculty Members for Research work.
  • Felicitations to Faculty Members who Secure 100% Result in their subjects.
  • Cafeteria food is an essential part of a student’s life. The cafeteria on campus should offer various food options that should also be healthy.
  • On campus Wi-Fi Proper Wi-Fi connectivity provided to Students and Faculty members.
  • On campus activities, such as movie screenings, debates, student activities and student-run organizations are an essential part of all college campuses. Students on campus like to feel a part of the college’s student community and such activities bring them together.
  • Digital Payments facilities are essential for a student and help them waste less time traveling back and forth. Making life easier for them means allowing them to spend more time learning and growing.